City Assembly House

Grafton Street & St Stephen's Green

This Georgian townhouse was built between 1766 and 1771 by the Society of Artists as the first purpose-built public exhibition room in the British Isles. During the 19th century it served as an unofficial city hall – Daniel O'Connell delivered one of his most famous speeches here in 1843 – but it is now the headquarters of the Irish Georgian Society, which is restoring it to its original purpose. It hosts occasional exhibitions.

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1. Phil Lynott Statue

0.08 MILES

Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott (1949–86) was one of the most beloved of all Dubliners – the epitome of the fun-loving rocker. This bust (2005) of the…

2. Luke Kelly Statue

0.11 MILES

A bronze figure of legendary Dublin folk singer Luke Kelly (1940–84). It was a gift to the city by Irish cartoonist Gerry Hunt (1936–2018), who had…

3. Molly Malone Statue

0.13 MILES

Dublin's most famous statue is that of fictional fishmonger (and lady of dubious morals) Molly Malone, she of the song alive, alive-o.

4. Kerlin Gallery

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Up a flight of stairs behind a nondescript door on a dingy little lane is a minimalist art space that is the exclusive preserve of the very best of…

5. Fusiliers' Arch

0.18 MILES

The main entrance to St Stephen's Green is beneath Fusiliers’ Arch, at the top of Grafton St. Modelled to look like a smaller version of the Arch of Titus…

6. Royal Irish Academy

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Ireland's preeminent society of letters has an 18th-century library that is home to several important documents, including a collection of ancient…

7. Provost's House

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This five-bay, two-storey Palladian house was built in 1759 for the then-provost (president) of Trinity College, Francis Andrews. It has served as the…

8. Irish Whiskey Museum

0.19 MILES

If you’d like to learn a little more about one of Ireland’s most famous tipples, spend an hour here. You’ll find out why the Irish call it uisce beatha …