EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum


This is a high-tech, interactive exploration of emigration and its effect on Ireland and the 70 million or so people spread throughout the world who claim Irish ancestry. Start your visit with a 'passport' and proceed through 20 interactive – and occasionally moving – galleries examining why they left, where they went and how they maintained their relationship with their ancestral home.

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1. Irish Family History Centre

0.04 MILES

Discover your family history with interactive screens where you can track your surname and centuries of Irish emigration. The ticket price includes a 15…

2. Jeanie Johnston


One of the city's most original tourist attractions is an exact working replica of a 19th-century 'coffin ship', as the sailing boats that transported…

3. Famine Memorial

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Just east of the Custom House is one of Dublin's most thought-provoking (and photographed) examples of public art: the set of life-size bronze figures …

4. Custom House

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Georgian genius James Gandon (1743–1823) announced his arrival on the Dublin scene with this magnificent building constructed over 10 years between 1781…

5. James Connolly Memorial


Ireland’s most famous socialist, James Connolly (1868–1916), is depicted proudly in front of the plough and stars of his Irish Citizen Army. An…

6. Luke Kelly Bust

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An eye-catching 2m marble bust of folk singer Luke Kelly by award-winning German artist Vera Klute stands on the street where Kelly was born in 1940…

7. Liberty Hall

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Dublin's second-tallest storied building is either a modernist masterpiece or an unconscionable eyesore, depending on how you see modern architecture. It…

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Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's second Dublin bridge (his first is the James Joyce Bridge; 2003) is this wishbone-design structure (2007) in the…