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What's not to love? The landscapes here are wonderful, from high mountains to deep deserts where the soulful presence of the Asiatic cheetah still roams. There's the architecture and the magic of the bazaars. There's the utterly civilised appeal of taking tea in a teahouse overlooking the river in Esfahan or with nomads out in the Zagros Mountains. Or wandering the mud-brick alleyways of Yazd then venturing to a... Read More

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$44 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Alexandra Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina

A “Dhow” is a traditional wooden vessel that is common in the Middle East and has been used historically for a variety of purposes, primarily for trading. Dhows are made in a variety of sizes and in the UAE have been most used for trade between UAE and Iran aswell as for pearl diving. Arabian Dhow Cruise with dinner on board is considered to be the most romantic trip, especially our new trip along the Dubai Marina – the most fascinating landscape in Dubai. “Alexandra” is a 120 Foot Traditional Arabic ‘Dhow’ that has been refurbished into a quality floating restaurant. Dinner includes international buffet and unlimited soft drinks. As part of the 2 hour cruise we will provide a 15-20 minute live show by our very own in-house “Tanura” Dancer Walid, a traditional dance originated in Turkey, which is centered around a man spinning nonstop, creating various patterns with the flowing and glowing color robes.Menu sample: Seafood Clear Soup Vegetable Spring Roll Fattoush Salad Coleslaw Hummus Greek Salad Garden Green Salad Grilled Chicken with Garlic Sauce Fish in Soya Garlic Sauce Beef Stroganoff Vegetable Fried Rice Assorted Indian Breads Dal Makhani Lyonnais Potato Penne Neapolitan Choclate Pastries Fresh Fruit Salad Fresh Fruits Umali

$145 Day Trips & Excursions

Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai

Pick up time is between 08:00 - 08:30 for this city tour from your hotel in Dubai in either a coach or Toyota Previa (depends of number of passengers). The drive to Abu Dhabi is approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes (depending on traffic). On the way to Abu Dhabi you will pass by Sheikh Zayed Road, Jabel Ali and many small villages on the way. Capture sights like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Marina Mall, and many other prominent landmarks. First stop on this tour is at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque's design and construction "unites the world", using artisans and materials from many countries including India, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Macedonia and United Arab Emirates. More than 3,000 workers and 38 renowned contracting companies took part in the construction of the mosque. Next stop is at the Al Bateen corniche. This stunning beach overlooks Hudariyat Island and Hudariyat Bridge to the west of Abu Dhabi. It has uninterrupted picturesque views and clear water and is popular with UAE locals for fishing, swimming and waterfront picnics.Third on the list is Heritage Village. Traditional aspects of the desert way of life, including a campfire with coffee pots, a goats’ hair tent, and a falaj irrigation system, are attractively displayed in the open museum. There are workshops where craftsmen demonstrate traditional skills, such as metal work and pottery, while women sit weaving and spinning. The craftsmen are happy to share their skills, and may occasionally give you the chance to try them out.The vehicle will then stop at the dates market where you can purchase and taste a variety of fresh dates grown locally. You will also passby the fish harbour, Yas Island and Sadiyat Island.

$119 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Dubai Street Food Tour

Meet your guide at 4:30pm at the main entrance of Dubai Museum, which is located in Al Fahidi Fort in Bur Dubai in the heart of “old” Dubai. Every taxi driver knows it and it is only 5 – 7 minutes walk from the nearest Metro station, Al Fahidi station. You will be walked through the Indian market. India is the most important trading partner of the region. Long before oil, the pearls found on the sandbanks in the Persian Gulf were the most important source of income of the region and there was a high demand for those pearls in India. So already centuries ago, pearls were exported to India and many goods were imported from India, such as textiles, building materials, food and spices. Since then Indian cuisine has a strong influence in what people eat in Dubai. On our way through Souq Al Khabeer, today the textile market, we will have our first Indian snack. We cross the Creek via Abra, a wooden water taxi and reach the spice market. We try some traditional ice cream, have a refreshing juice and sample some chocolate dates. All while the friendly merchants explain their spices that are mainly from Iran. Here you also have a good opportunity to buy authentic souvenirs and gifts that are not “Made in China”, such as camel milk soap, camel milk chocolate, Saffron, Vanilla from Madagasgar, Frankincense, Myrre etc. The most famous Street Food however is “Shawerma” – the Gulf regions answer to Burrito or wrap. Of course you get to try it. The highlight of our tour is a visit to one of the oldest restaurants in town, where you get to try a secret Persian family recipe for mutton kebab, while marveling at the eccentric interior decoration of old newspaper clips of Dubai, hundreds of photos of famous and not so famous guests and a collection of around 5000 different bank notes from all over the world left behind by visitors. Bon appetite!

$55.65 Cultural & Theme Tours

Full Day tour to Giza Pyramids and Islamic Cairo

Early morning at 8am you will be met at your hotel lobby by your private tour guide. Egyptologist and board your air conditioned van with WiFi on board. Live the most exciting experience for many world travelers which is the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The only remaining wonder of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was built in 2500 B.C. (originally it was 480ft or 146m high) then you will visit the pyramids of his son and grandson; Chephren and Mycerinus and you will go to the panorama where you can take great pictures and start your camel ride in the Sahara desert around the pyramids, after that you will visit the Valley Temple of Chephren and the Great Sphinx. After that you will have lunch in a local restaurant. Then you will head to the citadel of Saladin which was built to protect Cairo against potential Crusades. Inside the citadel you will visit the Alabaster Mosque that represents the Ottoman style of architecture and its high minarets dominate the skyline of Cairo. Then you will head to the mosque of Ibn Tulun (9th century) which is the oldest mosque still intact in Egypt. You will also visit the mosque of Sultan Hassan and the mosque of al Rifai, the mosque of Sultan Hassan dates back to the 14th century and it represents the Mameluk style of architecture. The Rifai mosque day yes back to the 19th century and it has the beautiful mausoleum of the last Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi. At the end of the tour you will be transferred back to your hotel.

$45 Private & Custom Tours

Private Walking Tour of the Palaces of Odessa

Our tour start with know of the famous Vorontsov Palace and hear the story about the spirit of Emperor Paul, which leaves hear. Vorontsov Palace completes the architectural complex of Primorskiy Boulevard. It was build at XIX century as a residence of Mihail Vorontsov a new Russia Governor Count. The complex of over 50 buildings was construct by Italian architect Francesco Boffo, but the most famous stay Palace.   Than, our tour going to the Palace of Tolsoy Family commonly known as  House of Scientist from 1934. It is one of the most vivid architectural monuments in Odessa. First of all, it’s famous that despite advanced age and difficult history, it could keep almost all of its interiors in its original form. The building in Russian classicism style was construct in the city’s center 1830. The next interesting place what we visit in few minutes is Shah Palace. Constructed in uncharacteristic for Odessa neo-Gothic style, it stands out against other age-old buildings of the city. The intricate building of the Shah palace was constructed in 1852 to a design by the architect, Felix Gonsiorowski, for his compatriot, Polish tycoon, Zenon Brżozowski. It was erected on the site of the proposed military hospital. From 1909 to 1917, this charming building belonged to Persian shah Mohamed Ali who escaped from Iran, hence its name. his marvellous palace combines English Gothic and French Medieval styles and features beautiful windows and impressive towers. Lastly you can visit the Literature Museum known as the Prince Gagarin's Palace and Museum of Art known as the Palace of the Naryshkin-Potocki family, monuments of early 19th century architecture. Also this tour you can enjoy by car what give you to easy touch the Palaces from your Hotel.

$420 Cultural & Theme Tours

Full Day Private Tour: Treasures of Bahrain

Your day starts with a 9 am pick-up and then off to the Al Fateh Grand Mosque. This is the first mosque in the region to open to tourists and is the largest mosque on the island. The exquisite Bahraini architecture, crowned by the world’s largest fiberglass dome, is one to see. Since the mosque is blessed with tranquility reserved for the holiest of holy places, it is important to dress modestly and remove footwear before entering. Women should cover their head. The second stop is the Bahrain National Museum for a walk through a wonderful collection of exhibits, from contemporary Bahraini paintings, sculptures and ceramics, to scenes depicting life in the Dilmun civilization of 6000 years ago, and even a reconstructed burial mound, complete with skeleton. View the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, including a beautiful display of illuminated Qur’ans and other religious documents. Take closer look at traditional trades and crafts, which are cleverly displayed in a reconstruction of a typical souq of the 1930s.   Then head over to Bait Al-Qur’an Museum, a specialized Museum consisting of several floors and characterized by a most distinctive Islamic design. It houses ancient manuscripts of the Holy Qur'an that have been collected from North Africa, Iran, India, China, and others. It also displays rare great Islamic artifacts, jewelry and gold-ornamented glass utensils, indicating the great Islamic heritage arts that have had an influence throughout the world.  Give your eyes a break from the amazing displays and sit down for an included lunch. Then get ready to visit the Bahrain Fort, a 16th century fort built by the Portuguese. The area where it is located is known as Qalat Al Bahrain with lots of hidden history of Dilmun Civilization. Onto the Royal Camel Farm at Janabiya that has more than 400 camels and was set-up by His Highness, the late Shaikh Mohammed Bin Salman Al Khalifa, uncle of the current ruler. You will then be taken to the Burial Mounds Notably scattered along large stretches of Shaikh Khalifa Highway, near the Hamad Town. These archaeological mounds are of great historical importance going back to the Dilmun civilization in the third millennium BC. The final stop will be to Manama Souq/ Gold City, where you can experience the vibrant marketplace Browse through rare spices, throbs, amazing fabrics, kaftans, dry fruits, regional unique handicrafts, nuts, and more before heading back to your hotel for some rest.