Asmaul Husnah 99 Kubah


On the reclaimed waterfront opposite Pantai Losari, this stunning bright-orange-and-white, 99-domed mosque was almost complete at the time of research and is destined to become a major Makassar attraction. Reach it by passing the dramatic 'Centre Point of Indonesia' globe sculpture and a new cable bridge shaped like a tongkonan (traditional Torajan house).

Nearby Makassar attractions

1. Masjid Amirul Mukminin


Rising above the sea on concrete pillars, this small but stylish twin-domed 'floating mosque' enjoyed better sunset views (and cleaner waters) before…

2. Pantai Losari

0.33 MILES

Pantai Losari is a kilometre-long beachless promenade that stretches south to Masjid Amirul Mukminin, the 'floating mosque'. It's a good place to catch…

3. Museum Negeri La Galigo

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5. Pulau Kayangan

2.18 MILES

This tiny island, a 10-minute ride (return 40,000Rp) from Makassar harbourfront, was getting a much-needed facelift when we last visited. It's rammed with…

6. Pelabuhan Paotere

2.63 MILES

Pelabuhan Paotere, 4km north of the city centre, is a large port where Bugis sailing ships berth. It's a working port, with requisite bustle and grime,…

7. Beteng Somba Opu

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Once the most formidable fortress in the archipelago, Somba Opu was decimated by the Dutch in 1669, then consumed by the Jeneberang River delta. One…

8. Pulau Samalona

4.42 MILES

Just far enough away from Makassar to shed most (but not all) of the rubbish, the white sands of Pulau Samalona are popular with day trippers,…