About 6km northeast of Singaraja is an excellent example of the colourful architectural style of north Bali. Sangsit's Pura Beji is a temple for the subak (village association of rice-growers), dedicated to the goddess Dewi Sri, who looks after irrigated rice fields. The over-the-top sculptured panels along the front wall feature cartoonlike demons and amazing naga (mythical snakelike creatures). The inside also has a variety of sculptures covering every available space. It's 500m off the main road towards the coast.

The Pura Dalem (Temple of the Dead) shows scenes of punishment in the afterlife, and other humorous, sometimes erotic, pictures. You'll find it in the rice fields, about 500m northeast of Pura Beji.

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Nearby Singaraja attractions

1. Pura Maduwe Karang

1.99 MILES

One of the most intriguing temples in north Bali, Pura Maduwe Karang is particularly notable for its sculptured panels, including the famous stone-carved…

2. Pura Dalem Jagaraga


In the village of Jagaraga, Pura Dalem is a small, interesting temple with delightful sculptured panels along its front wall. On the outer wall, look for…

3. Sawan

4.41 MILES

Sawan, 7km inland from Jagaraga, is a centre for the manufacturing of gamelan gongs and instruments. You can see the gongs being cast and the intricately…

4. Yudha Mandala Tama Monument

4.45 MILES

The conspicuous Yudha Mandala Tama Monument commemorates a freedom fighter killed by gunfire from a Dutch warship early in the struggle for independence.

7. Pura Jagat Natha

4.59 MILES

Singaraja's main temple, the largest in northern Bali, is not usually open to foreigners. You can appreciate its size and admire the carved stone…

8. Museum Buleleng

4.79 MILES

Museum Buleleng recalls the life of the last radja (rajah; prince) of Buleleng, Pandji Tisna, who is credited with developing tourism in Lovina to the…