Must-see attractions in Singaraja

  • High-angle view of Sekumpul waterfall.

    Sekumpul Waterfall


    Sitting 18km southeast of Singaraja, some six or seven separate waterfalls – all fed by upland streams – pour up to 80m over cliffs in a verdant bamboo…

  • Sangsit


    About 6km northeast of Singaraja is an excellent example of the colourful architectural style of north Bali. Sangsit's Pura Beji is a temple for the subak…

  • Air Terjun Gitgit


    Around 11km south of Singaraja, a well-signposted path goes 800m west from the main road to the touristy waterfall, Air Terjun Gitgit. The path is lined…

  • Gedong Kirtya Library


    This small historical library was established in 1928 by Dutch colonialists and named after the Sanskrit for 'to try'. It has a collection of lontar …

  • Pura Dalem Jagaraga


    In the village of Jagaraga, Pura Dalem is a small, interesting temple with delightful sculptured panels along its front wall. On the outer wall, look for…

  • Museum Buleleng


    Museum Buleleng recalls the life of the last radja (rajah; prince) of Buleleng, Pandji Tisna, who is credited with developing tourism in Lovina to the…

  • Pura Jagat Natha


    Singaraja's main temple, the largest in northern Bali, is not usually open to foreigners. You can appreciate its size and admire the carved stone…

  • Yudha Mandala Tama Monument


    The conspicuous Yudha Mandala Tama Monument commemorates a freedom fighter killed by gunfire from a Dutch warship early in the struggle for independence.

  • Old Dutch Warehouses


    Check out the cinematically decrepit old Dutch warehouses opposite the water.

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