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Spectacular Komodo, its steep hillsides jade in the short wet season, frazzled by the sun and winds to a deep rusty red for most of the year, is the largest island in the national park. A succession of eastern peninsulas spread out like so many fingers, fringed in pink sand, thanks to the abundance of red coral offshore. The main camp of Loh Liang and the PHKA office, where boats dock and guided walks and treks... Read More

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$343.38 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Komodo National Park Tour from Labuan Bajo

Day 1 You will be picked up from your accommodation in Labuan Bajo at 7:30am and driven to the Harbour. Enjoy a light breakfast which is served on board while cruising to the Komodo National Park. The first stop is at Kanawa Island for some excellent snorkeling or diving (additional costs apply) on a stunning coral reef surrounding the white sand beach island. You will be able to go down to land and explore the island and relax by the beach before having lunch on the boat. Visit Sebayur Kecil for more snorkeling or diving (additional costs apply) before heading to your camp site on Sebayur Island. You will a free afternoon to relax, sunbath and snorkel. You also have the opportunity to dive at Mini-Wall in Sebayur Island (additional costs apply). Experience a sunset on top of the hill or by the beach with grilled fish for dinner, Enjoy a bonfire by the beach under the beautiful starry sky. Camp on the desert island in the comfortable wooden shacks just few steps from the sea.   Day 2 Wake up at 6am and enjoy breakfast served on the beach. At 7am start your cruise to Komodo Island to go trekking with the dragons. You will also see the wild flora and fauna of the national park. Visit Pink Sand Beach for amazing snorkeling or diving (additional costs apply) with beautiful coral, fishes and mantas. Visit Batu Bolong for the snorkeling or diving (additional costs apply) of your life! Lunch will be served on board. You will arrive back to Sebayur Island in time for the sunset with dinner beside the beach before another beautiful night camping. Day 3 Wake up and enjoy breakfast by the beach before having your last swim at Sebayur. The first stop will be at Manta Point for a swim, snorkel or dive (additional costs apply) with mantas. Visit Mawan Island for amazing snorkeling on a stunning coral garden with mantas before enjoying lunch on the boat. Trek in Rinca with the Komodo dragons and visit the local gipsy fisherman village, if time permits. Arrive at Kalong Island where you will be served afternoon tea and coffee while waiting for the sun to set, when thousands of flying foxes will take off through the mangroves flying towards Flores Mainland. At 7:30pm arrive back at Labuan Bajo Harbour where a car will bring you back to your accommodation.

$602.50 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Komodo National Park

Your Komodo National Park adventure with a private guide begins with pickup at Komodo Airport. Your 3-day tour includes overnight accommodations in an air-conditioned cabin aboard a private boat. With full board and complimentary transport by private vehicle and boat, all of your itinerary details are provided for. Just keep an eye out for those Komodo dragons! If you’re heading back to Denpasar, don’t forget to upgrade your tour to include a round-trip flight.

$1424 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private 5-Day Komodo National Park Cruise from Labuan Bajo

The friendly crew are there to ensure every aspect of your private cruise is perfect, from your transfer from the airport to the moment your cruise comes to an end. They will lay cocktails to welcome you aboard, offer refreshments and snacks after your activities, and provide towels when you take a dip in the sapphire blue Indonesian water. There will be new equipment – selected in your size – made available for your activities such as diving or snorkeling in Komodo national park. Everything you need for the perfect holiday, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. They can also organize diving in the Komodo national park.  Day 1: You will be picked up from Labuan Bajo Airport at the time your flight arrives in and taken to board your cruise. There will be a welcome cocktail on the upper deck and you will depart for the Komodo National Park. This first leg of your trip will set the tone for your holiday. Settle on the front deck, around the large table or leaning against the bar, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the National Park on the way to Lesa Island, a charming fisherman village where you can meet with the locals and add a big lobster for your dinner if you wish. Then it’s on to Sebayur Kecil, famed for its paradise beach and amazing sunsets, this is a sheltered cove, the ideal spot for a dip in the crystal clear turquoise water and the chance to discover its rich and diverse sea beds, coral reefs, clown fish and other marine species of all sizes and all colors. In the evening, you’ll move on to Kalong Island to observe more than 5,000 bats as they emerge from their nests and fly to Flores in search of fruit. Day 2: Enjoy a hearty breakfast before setting sail to Gili Lawa Darat at the northwest of the national park. It is a renowned diving spot, where you may encounter large fish, manatees, rays, sharks, schools of jacks and more. After a yummy lunch you will go towards to Gili Lawa Laut, this area is like a lake in the sea and offers the opportunity for all kinds of land and water-based activities. If you want you can also fish with the crew, just outside the Komodo National Park. Then you can have a short walk on the beach to enjoy an amazing sunset. Day 3: Meet the famous Komodo dragon, a prehistoric species native to the Komodo National Park. Afterwards, the boat will anchor just off the sublime Pink Beach, the turquoise blue water is perfect to snorkel. Day 4: Visit the magnificent Manta Point. The speedboat will cruise above the impressive and harmless manta rays, so you’ll have the privilege of seeing them up close. Then it’s on to Siaba Island, a small creek in the middle of the mangroves, where the boat will drop anchor for the night. Day 5: Have breakfast and lunch before departing for Labuan Bajo in time for your flight.

$1401.65 Classic

Best of Flores & Komodo

Let’s get it out of the way first: There’s no place like this place, anyplace. Komodo is obviously well-known for its dragons (gigantic lizards, really, but who’s nit-picking?), but there’s so much more to the island – plus nearby Flores and Rinca – than just massive fauna. You’ll spend much of this nine-day trip on Flores, soaking in the beautiful scenery (including Mt Kelimutu, a volcanic crater full of vibrantly coloured water) and traditional ways of life amongst the local people. On a boat trip to Komodo and Rinca, look out for Komodo dragons and spot even more of the native wildlife. Ready to get to know the wild side of Indonesia?

$3249 Classic

Islands of Indonesia

Got a hankering to see five Indonesian islands? On Komodo, you’ll spot the eponymous dragons and on Flores you'll soak up the beautiful scenery and make friends with the denizens of Ngada village. And there’s so much more waiting for you on Bali and Lombok: Visiting tobacco plantations of Tetebatu, climbing towering volcanoes, and digging your feet into the white sand of pristine beaches in Gili Islands. With hotels, transport, and a number of included activities arranged by our CEOs, this adventure still allows plenty of free time to create your own highlights.

$2399 Classic

Bali, Flores & Komodo Explorer

If you’re looking to get in three of the Indonesian islands on a trip that combines proven highlights with off-the-beaten-path gems, you’re in the right place. Komodo is obviously well-known for its dragons (gigantic lizards, really, but who’s nit-picking?), but there’s so much more to the island – and neighbouring Flores – than just massive fauna. And when it comes to Bali – an island steeped in culture, excellent food, and talented artists – there are near-limitless pristine beaches, temples, and jungles to explore. With your accommodation and transport arranged by CEOs, this well-packed adventure offers up the perfect blend of the highlights and free time.