Museum Kailasa Dieng

Central Java

This museum displays an array of Hindu statues and cultural artifacts in two buildings. It is perhaps of only passing interest but there are a few gems, including a statue of Shiva’s carrier, Nandi the bull (with the body of a man and the head of a bull), a headless image of Shiva and an animist gargoyle sporting an erection. All displays are in Bahasa Indonesia.

It's across the road from Candi Gatutkaca.

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1. Candi Gatutkaca

0.02 MILES

Part of the nearby Arjuna Complex, Candi Gatutkaca is a small Shiva temple (a yoni was found inside) with a square base.

2. Arjuna Complex

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The five main Shiva temples that form the Arjuna Complex are clustered together in the middle of the Dieng Plateau. In common with other temples in the…

3. Candi Bima

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The restored Candi Dwarawati is on the northern outskirts of Dieng village.

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