Lemba Harau

West Sumatra

Lemba Harau and other waterfalls in the Harau Valley attract day trippers from Bukittinggi, particularly during the rainy season; if the weather’s been dry, the falls are reduced to mere trickles.

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1. Gunung Marapi

21.54 MILES

The smouldering summit of Gunung Merapi (2891m), one of Sumatra’s most active volcanoes, looms large over Bukittinggi around 16km to the east. If Merapi…

2. PT Songket Bernhard Bart

21.55 MILES

Handicraft and textile fans should not miss this place near Simpang Bukit Batabuah, 7km southeast of Bukittinggi. Dedicated to revitalising the…

3. Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve

23.01 MILES

This reserve, 16km north of Bukittinggi, is home to many orchid species, as well as the massive Rafflesia arnoldii and Amorphophallus titanum, the largest…

4. House of Rafflesia Luwak Coffee

23.06 MILES

At this plantation in Batang Palupuh, friendly owner Umul Khairi is happy to explain the process of harvesting, drying and roasting kopi luwak – a smooth,…

5. Pasar Bawah

23.22 MILES

More of a landmark than genuine sight, this central undercover market is popular with locals here to shop for fresh produce and everyday items.

6. Masjid Raya

23.35 MILES

While not particularly attractive (and hence of no real interest to non-Muslim travellers), this central mosque offers a useful landmark for getting your…

7. Pasar Atas

23.38 MILES

Pasar Atas is a large, colourful daily market crammed with stalls selling fruit and vegetables, second-hand clothing and crafts.

8. Benteng de Kock

23.39 MILES

Benteng de Kock was built by the Dutch during the Padri Wars. Other than a few cannons and ramparts, there’s not much to it now apart from the nice…