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Money and costs

Indonesian Rupiahs (Rp)
Exchange Rates
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Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Simple rooms: less than 200,000Rp
  • Cheap street meals: less than 40,000Rp
  • Local transport such as bemos: from 5000Rp
  • Double rooms with air-con: 300,000–800,000Rp
  • Cheap flights to shorten distances: from 500,000Rp
  • Guides and meals in restaurants, each 250,000–800,000Rp
Top end (more than)
  • Stay at resorts or boutique properties in remote places: more than 850,000Rp
  • Flights and cars with drivers to get around: 500,000–1,000,000Rp
  • Special tours for activities such as diving; top restaurants on Bali: more than 1,000,000Rp


Visas are not hard to obtain, but the most common – 30 days – is short for such a big country. Even the 60-day visa can feel restrictive.

Get the latest visa advice for Indonesia from our community.

When to go and weather


Getting to Indonesia

There are many ways into Indonesia: by boat from Malaysia and Singapore, and overland to Kalimantan, Papua and West Timor. But most people will fly, landing at – or transiting through – Jakarta or Bali.

Flights, cars and tours can be booked online at www.lonelyplanet.com/bookings.

Getting around Indonesia

Transport in Indonesia takes many forms.

Boat Slow and fast boats link the many islands, but beware of rogue operators with dodgy safety standards.

Bus Buses of all sizes travel almost everywhere cheaply and slowly.

Car Rent a small car for US$30 a day (Bali), get a car and driver from US$60 a day.

Motorbike Rent one for as little as 70,000Rp a day.

Becak Motorbike with sidecar; Indonesia's version of a tuk tuk.

Ojek Get a cheap ride on the back of a motorbike. Used everywhere.

Taxi Fairly cheap in cities, can be pricey in tourist areas.

Health and safety

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