Air Terjun Cubanrondo

East Java

The tall and narrow single waterfall of Air Terjun Cubanrondo drops off the cliffs 5km southwest of Songgoriti.

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1. Songgoriti

1.47 MILES

Songgoriti, 3km west of Batu, has well-known hot springs and a small, ancient Hindu temple on the grounds of the Hotel Air Panas Songgoriti. The temple,…

2. Sumber Brantas

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The small village of Sumber Brantas, far above Selekta resort, and in a gorgeous misty mountain setting, is at the source of the Sungai Brantas (Brantas…

3. Air Panas Cangar

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Hot springs high in the mountains. While the jungly surrounds are attractive, the springs themselves are a little run-down, and there's quite a lot of…

4. Candi Sumberawan

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This small, squat Buddhist stupa lies in the terraced, cultivated foothills of Gunung Arjuna, about 5km northwest of Singosari. It was built to…

5. Jalan Besar Ijen

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Malang has some wonderful colonial architecture. Just northwest of the centre, Jl Besar Ijen is Malang’s millionaires' row, a boulevard lined with elegant…

7. Pasar Bunga

12.37 MILES

The flower market, Pasar Bunga, is pleasantly sited around a river valley and is the place to stroll in the morning.

8. Great Mosque Jami Malang

12.46 MILES

Malang's central mosque is a pincushion of minarets that overlooks one end of the alun-alun (main square).