Candi Jago

East Java

Along a small road near the market in Tumpang, 22km from Malang, Candi Jago was built between 1268 and 1280 and is thought to be a memorial to the fourth Singosari king, Vishnuvardhana. The temple has some interesting decorative carving from the Jataka and the Mahabharata, in the three-dimensional style of wayang kulit (shadow-puppet play), which is typical of East Java.

This primarily Buddhist temple also has Javanese-Hindu statues, including a headless, six-armed, death-dealing goddess, a massive fanged Garuda, and a lingam, the symbol of Shiva’s male potency. The best part is that you can scramble up the loosely restored temple to the top (watch your step) for exquisite views.

To reach Candi Jago take a white angkot from Malang’s Arjosari Bus Terminal to Tumpang (13,000Rp); a taxi there and back is around 180,000Rp.