Kampung Warni Widi


A local initiative to beautify Malang's ramshackle, high-density kampung are these whimsical multicoloured neighbourhoods that have been transformed into one of the city's most popular sights. While they could do with a fresh lick of paint, they're still worthy of exploration.

Each kampung asks for a donation, which includes a handmade keyring souvenir.

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Nearby Malang attractions

1. Eng An Kiong Chinese Temple

0.37 MILES

For those who love wafting incense, flickering candles and the rituals associated with Chinese belief systems.

2. Balai Kota

0.39 MILES

Close to the city centre, the Balai Kota is an immense Dutch administrative building, built in a hybrid of Dutch and Indonesian architectural styles with…

3. Pasar Besar

0.41 MILES

Malang's largest public market. Expect fruit, beef, fish and more, much more. Busiest in the morning, it's worth a trawl for the people-watching as much…

4. Hotel Tugu Malang

0.47 MILES

Malang’s most impressive museum isn’t actually a museum at all, but a hotel: the boutique, four-star Hotel Tugu Malang, a showcase for its owner, arguably…

5. Great Mosque Jami Malang

0.55 MILES

Malang's central mosque is a pincushion of minarets that overlooks one end of the alun-alun (main square).

6. Pasar Bunga

0.55 MILES

The flower market, Pasar Bunga, is pleasantly sited around a river valley and is the place to stroll in the morning.

8. Jalan Besar Ijen

1.46 MILES

Malang has some wonderful colonial architecture. Just northwest of the centre, Jl Besar Ijen is Malang’s millionaires' row, a boulevard lined with elegant…