Mussoorie Library


One of Mussoorie's most prominent landmarks is this historical Raj-era library that opened way back in 1843. Its ornate Victoria-style balcony veranda features cast-iron lacework, and it continues to function today as a lending library. Tourists are able to wander its foyer, but only card-carrying members can venture any further.

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Nearby Mussoorie attractions

1. Christ Church

0.23 MILES

Built in 1836 and featuring stained-glass windows, this is purported to be the oldest church in the Himalaya.

2. Gun Hill

0.64 MILES

From midway along The Mall, a cable car runs up to Gun Hill (2530m), which, on a clear day, has views of several big peaks. A steep path also winds up to…

3. Happy Valley


Only 3km northwest of town, this scenic outlying region of Mussoorie is famous as the site where the Dalai Lama and fellow exiles arrived in 1959, after…

4. Jama Masjid

1.01 MILES

This local mosque is a place of worship and not for sightseers.

5. Picture Palace Cinema

1.09 MILES

Mostly a landmark and point of reference, this old movie theatre is now a gaming and entertainment centre.

6. Union Church

1.11 MILES

Dating to 1874, this is one of Mussoorie's oldest churches. It still holds mass services.

7. Mussoorie Heritage Centre

1.37 MILES

Sitting beneath Landour's clock tower is this impressive heritage centre that's set up by dedicated local historian, Surbhi Agarwal. She'll take you…

8. Soham Himalayan Centre

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Part museum, part art gallery, Soham Heritage & Art Centre focuses largely on the culture of the Uttarakhand Himalaya. You'll get guided through the…