Lodhruva Main Temple

Jain Temple in Lodhruva

The Jain temples at Lodhruva, rebuilt in the late 1970s, are the sole reminders of the city’s former magnificence. The inner sanctum of the main temple enshrines a finely wrought, silver-crowned image of Parasnath, the 23rd tirthankar (great Jain teacher), surrounded by fine sculptures. The small sculptures around the lower course of the inner sanctum are badly damaged and bear the scars of Muslim raids long ago.

Before the temple, just inside the outer gate, is a beautiful archway or toran (shield-shaped device above a lintel, which a bridegroom pierces with his sword before claiming his bride). The ornate rosette in the centre of the drum of the dome over the mandapa (pillared pavilion, temple forechamber) was carved from a single piece of stone. Behind the inner sanctum is a 200-year-old carved stone slab that bears images of the tirthankars’ feet in miniature. The temple compound is said to be home to a pair of cobras, sight of either of which brings good luck!