Sati Radhika Prasanti Udyan


Between the riverbank and Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Rd in Uzanbazar, this sliver of peaceful, tree-shaded park is police patrolled and particularly popular with courting couples around sunset.

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Nearby Guwahati attractions

1. Guwahati Planetarium

0.19 MILES

The Guwahati Planetarium looks like a cross between a mosque and a UFO and has two shows in English per day.

2. Old High Court


The old courthouse, with its distinctive beehive dome, has been replaced by the very similar new High Court diagonally across the road.

3. Ugratara Mandir

0.31 MILES

The red-coloured Ugratara Mandir was built in 1725 to enshrine the spot where the goddess Sati's navel is believed to have fallen when her distraught…

5. Judge's House

0.47 MILES

A charming piece of colonial-era architecture, this two-storey house, built in 1922, now holds the offices of the Foundation for Social Transformation.

6. Nehru Park

0.53 MILES

A pleasant space for strolling tree-shaded pathways.

7. Christ Church

0.53 MILES

The pretty, half-timbered Christ Church, with pointed, wood-framed windows, is one of Northeast India's oldest churches, founded in 1844. Rebuilt twice…

8. Umananda Mandir

0.53 MILES

The temple complex sits on a small forested island, accessed by a 15-minute ferry ride from Umananda Ghat. Many visitors feel that the Shiva temple, which…