Must-see attractions in Guwahati

  • K
    Kamakhya Mandir

    According to Hindu legend, when a distraught Shiva scattered the 108 (or 51) pieces of his deceased wife Sati's body across the land, her yoni (vagina)…

  • P
    Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

    This small wildlife sanctuary has a thriving population of some 130 one-horned rhinoceroses, plus around 2000 wild water buffalo and almost 2000 resident…

  • A
    Assam State Museum

    Housed in an imposing colonial-era building, the state museum has a large medieval sculpture collection and upper floors devoted to informative tribal…

  • D
    Dighalipukhuri Park

    The mildly attractive Dighalipukhuri Park has boating facilities. The lake was once connected by a channel to the Brahmaputra and was used as a naval…

  • U
    Ugratara Mandir

    The red-coloured Ugratara Mandir was built in 1725 to enshrine the spot where the goddess Sati's navel is believed to have fallen when her distraught…

  • U
    Umananda Mandir

    The temple complex sits on a small forested island, accessed by a 15-minute ferry ride from Umananda Ghat. Many visitors feel that the Shiva temple, which…

  • C
    Christ Church

    The pretty, half-timbered Christ Church, with pointed, wood-framed windows, is one of Northeast India's oldest churches, founded in 1844. Rebuilt twice…

  • S
    Sati Radhika Prasanti Udyan

    Between the riverbank and Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Rd in Uzanbazar, this sliver of peaceful, tree-shaded park is police patrolled and particularly popular with…

  • G
    Gateway of Assam

    This arched construction on the Brahmaputra was built to welcome British viceroy Lord Northbrook when he arrived by river steamer from Kolkata in 1874.

  • J
    Judge's House

    A charming piece of colonial-era architecture, this two-storey house, built in 1922, now holds the offices of the Foundation for Social Transformation.

  • N
    Nehru Park

    A pleasant space for strolling tree-shaded pathways.

  • O
    Old High Court

    The old courthouse, with its distinctive beehive dome, has been replaced by the very similar new High Court diagonally across the road.

  • G
    Guwahati Planetarium

    The Guwahati Planetarium looks like a cross between a mosque and a UFO and has two shows in English per day.

  • F
    Fancy Bazar

    A busy commercial area for sundry objects and rations in Old Guwahati.

  • N
    Nepali Mandir

    This is a Nepal-style Hindu temple in the Paltan Bazar area.