Top choice in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

An almost mandatory final stop on 4WD tours, Dhoopgarh looks west over endless valleys, hills and forests and has a broad stepped terrace for everyone to do their sunset selfies on. Dhoopgarh mountain, just behind, is the highest point in Madhya Pradesh (1352m).

You'll need a core-zone permit to come here and be prepared to play a bit part in many peoples selfies...

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh attractions

1. Ramya Kund

1.33 MILES

A walk of about 1km west from Reechgarh (which is 3.3km west of the Jai Stambh) leads to a small, crystal-clear pool called Ramya Kund.

2. Asthachal Rock Shelter

1.49 MILES

Accessed by a trail of about 2.5km from the road towards Reechgarh, this ancient rock shelter is notable for its (now sadly faded) rock paintings,…

3. Reechgarh

1.74 MILES

Accessible by road 3.3km west of the Jai Stambh, this is a strange natural amphitheatre, reached through a cavelike passage between rocks.

4. Duchess Falls


This 100m-plus fall is a difficult 4km hike from the road that leads to Reechgarh.

5. Bee Falls

2.86 MILES

The pretty waterfall and pools at Bee Falls can almost be reached by bike (you have to walk the last quarter-kilometre or so).

6. Jai Stambh

3.51 MILES

This concrete pillar, erected to commemorate Indian independence, stands in the middle of a seven-way junction in the southwestern part of town.

7. Handi Khoh

3.52 MILES

Also known as Suicide Point, Handi Khoh is a viewpoint on the lip of 100m-deep, densely forested canyon, with Chauragarh visible in the distance.

8. Priyadarshini Point


A clifftop viewpoint with Chauragarh in sight across the jungle-filled valleys. It's 5km south of the Jai Stambh, 300m off the Mahadeo road.