Chamundi Hill

Mysuru (Mysore)

This 1062m hill is crowned with the Sri Chamundeswari Temple. It’s a fine half-day excursion, offering spectacular views of the city below. Queues are long at weekends, so visit during the week. From Central bus stand take bus 201 (₹28; AC); a return autorickshaw/Uber trip is around ₹450/700.

Alternatively, you can take the foot trail comprising 1000-plus steps that Hindu pilgrims use to visit the temple. One-third of the way up is a 5m-high statue of Nandi (Shiva’s bull) that was carved out of solid rock in 1659. The path starts by the Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple, 800m south of Mysuru racecourse.

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1. Sri Chamundeswari Temple

0.06 MILES

At the summit of Chamundi Hill, the striking Sri Chamundeswari Temple is dominated by a towering 40m-high gopuram (entrance gateway).

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