Top choice buddhist site in Mcleod Ganj

Established to preserve the traditional arts of Tibetan medicine and astrology, Men-Tsee-Khang is a college, clinic, museum, research centre and astrological institute rolled into one. The astrological folk can do a 45-minute oral consultation (₹2000; register in person half a day ahead with your birth date, time and place), or a detailed life-horoscope online, which you'll receive by email and a hard copy within four months (US$85 plus US$20 taxes).

The Men-Tsee-Khang Museum has three floors of fascinating displays on the sophisticated sciences of Tibetan astrology and medicine, told via illustrative thangkas as well as samples of medicines, their plant and mineral sources, and instruments that have been used for some treatments – such as a brass hammer for treating tumours, insanity and body ache. Learn useful facts: cinnamon wards against flatulence; cumin and coriander combat anorexia; gold helps longevity.

Men-Tsee-Khang also runs occasional short courses on the basics of Tibetan medicine.