Sunder Nursery


One of Delhi's newest tourist sights, this wonderful park was an overgrown wasteland until recent renovations brought the 16th-century Mughal gardens back to something approaching their former glory. It's now a vast landscaped heritage park with clipped lawns, delicate waterways and a network of paths dotted with fruit trees, flower beds, tree-shaded benches and numerous 16th-century Mughal tombs and pavilions, some of which still lie in a charming state of ruin, some of which have been lovingly restored.

The central pathway has been created upon the line of the Mughal-era Grand Trunk Road and leads all the way from the entrance to the water gardens at the border with Delhi's zoo. Off the sides are woods to explore, a bonsai garden and more Mughal ruins. The restoration project is a work in progress, but this is already proving to be one of Delhi's standout green spaces.

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