Turkman Gate

Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad)

One of the few remaining 13th-century gates to Shahjahanabad, this is named after Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Turkman Bayabani, whose tomb lies to the east.

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1. Delhi Gate


Traffic swirls around this historic city gate, built in 1638 as one of the main entrances to the walled city of Old Delhi, or Shahjahanabad.

2. Jama Masjid

0.58 MILES

A beautiful pocket of calm at the heart of Old Delhi's mayhem, the capital's largest mosque is built on a 10m elevation. It can hold a mind-blowing 25,000…

3. Ajmeri Gate

0.59 MILES

Over 300 years old, this is one of Shahjahanabad's four remaining gates; opposite is Ghazi-ud-Din's Tomb and Mosque, built by a nobleman at the time of…

4. Sunehri Masjid


Built in 1721, this mosque has gilded domes, hence its name. In 1739, the Persian invader Nadir Shah stood on the roof and watched his soldiers massacre…

5. National Bal Bhavan

0.76 MILES

This old-fashioned, open-air children's centre is a charming hodgepodge, with a polychrome-painted toy train ride, a small arts museum, arts-and-crafts…

6. Feroz Shah Kotla

0.86 MILES

Firozabad, the fifth city of Delhi, was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354, the first city here to be built on the river. Only the fortress remains, with…

7. National Gandhi Museum

0.87 MILES

An interesting museum preserving some of Gandhi's personal belongings, including his spectacles and even two of his teeth. You can also listen to his…

8. Raj Ghat

0.91 MILES

On the banks of the Yamuna River, this peaceful, very well maintained park contains a simple black-marble platform marking the spot where Mahatma Gandhi…