HEH The Nizam’s Museum

Museum in Hyderabad

The Purani Haveli was a home of the sixth nizam, Mahbub Ali Khan (r 1869–1911). He was rumoured to have never worn the same thing twice: hence the 54m-long, two-storey Burmese teak wardrobe. Much of the museum is devoted to personal effects of the seventh nizam, Osman Ali Khan, including his silver cradle, gold-burnished throne and lavish Silver Jubilee gifts. The displays, lighting and information could be improved, but it's still a worthwhile visit.

In 2018 a diamond-studded gold tiffin box that once belonged to Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad, was stolen from the museum. When the thieves were caught a week later police said that the culprits had been using the Nizam's golden box to store their own tucker.