Qutb Shahi Tombs

Top choice historic site

in Hyderabad

The subject of one of India's most ambitious heritage projects, these magnificent domed granite tombs form part of a huge archaeological park that is steadily being renovated by the Aga Khan Development Network. All in all there are 40 mausoleums, 23 mosques, a hammam and several pavilions located in landscaped gardens. Seven of the eight Qutb Shahi rulers were buried here under great domes mounted on cubical bases, many of which have beautiful colonnades and delicate lime stucco ornamentation.

Among the finest is that of Mohammed Quli, the founder of Hyderabad, standing 42m tall on a platform near the edge of the complex, with views back towards Golconda. Other tombs contain minor royalty, as well as physicians, courtesans and nobility. The first restoration phase was completed in 2018, and the complex has now been nominated to become a World Heritage Site. An exhibition near the entrance provides helpful explanatory information. The tombs are about 2km from Golconda Fort, ₹30 by autorickshaw or Uber/Ola cab.