Perlan: Wonders of Iceland museum: Glaicers and Ice Cave

©Egill Bjarnason/Lonely Planet

Wonders of Iceland: Glaciers & Ice Cave


This permanent exhibition at Perlan begins with a vast ice cave, 100m long and built with 350 tons of snow and layers of ash from the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption. The tunnels are kept at around -10°C to prevent thawing and take about 10 minutes to navigate. Other exhibits cover the way glaciers form, live and, increasingly, die – the most remarkable part is a visualisation of Vatnajökull’s shrinking size. Numbers are limited in the cave, book ahead to secure a spot.

The exhibit also includes an augmented reality depiction of the massive Látrabjarg bird cliffs and an immersive volcano, earthquakes and geothermal show. A state-of-the art planetarium is due to open in November 2018. A free shuttle bus (9am to 5pm) leaves for Perlan from the Harpa concert hall.

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