Reykjavík University


Reykjavík University has a scenic campus near the beach and the domestic airport.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Reykjavík attractions

1. Perlan

0.45 MILES

Perlan's mirrored dome, designed by Ingimundur Sveinsson, covers huge geothermal-water tanks some 2km from the city centre. Inside, the Wonders of Iceland…

3. Gerðarsafn Art Museum

0.95 MILES

In this beautifully designed museum you'll find excellent rotating modern-art exhibitions and a notable permanent collection of 20th-century Icelandic…

4. Salurinn

0.98 MILES

Iceland’s first specially designed concert hall is built entirely from local materials (driftwood, spruce and crushed stone) and has fantastic acoustics…

5. Menningarmiðstoð Kópavogs

0.98 MILES

Menningarmiðstoð Kópavogs contains Kópavogur’s Natural History Museum, where displays include an orca skeleton, stuffed animals and some of Mývatn lake’s…

6. Natural History Museum of Kópavogur

0.99 MILES

Iceland’s unique geology and wildlife are showcased here. Highlights include an orca skeleton, a good collection of taxidermied animals and Mývatn lake’s…

7. Miklatún Park

0.99 MILES

Miklatún Park is home to the angular glass-and-wood Kjarvalsstaðir museum, named after Jóhannes Kjarval (1885–1972), one of Iceland’s most popular…