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The colourfully dramatic landscape is broken up into jagged peaks and ridges, the highest of which is Snækollur (1477m), and it’s scattered with hot springs. The striated steaming geothermal valley called Hveradalir is a highlight.

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Day Tour to Kerlingarfjöll Highlands in 4X4 from Akureyri

Kerlingarfjöll Highlands 4×4 jeep tourHveravellirHveravellir is a unique nature reserve situated on the Kjolur route in the middle of the west highlands between the glaciers Langjökull and Hofsjökull. Hveravellir is one of the most beautiful geothermal areas in the world with smoking fumaroles and beautifully shaped with sky blue, boiling water. It is a special experience to have a look around.Geothermal poolThe geothermal pool at Hveravellir is unique. Both hot and cold water flows to the pool, which makes it easy to regulate the temperature of the water in the pool. Over 20 people can comfortably bathe in the pool at the same time. The pool and its entire surroundings are magnificent, offering a beautiful view of the geothermal area, Kjalhraun lava field and Langjökull. There is nothing that can compare to a dip into the pool in the middle of nowhere.KerlingarfjöllKerlingarfjöll highland resort is a hidden gem located at the center of the Icelandic highlands. This area is the single most powerful hot spring area in Iceland. Additionally the Rhyolite Mountains have more colors than you ever can imagine. This feels like being on another planet. You will experience the uniqueness of this un-touched highland patch; glacier parts and snowdrifts, passes and ravines, hot springs and still pools. There are a Restaurant in Kerlingarfjöll. Whether it’s heading for the mountain tops or exploring one of the biggest geothermal areas in Iceland you can be certain that Kerlingarfjoll will take you by surprise.

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