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The Langjökull ice cap is the second largest glacier in Iceland, and the closest major glacier to Reykjavík. It's accessed from the 4WD Kaldidalur or Kjölur tracks, and its closest access village in West Iceland is Húsafell. Do not attempt to drive up onto the glacier yourself. Tours depart from Reykjavík or Húsafell: the Into the Glacier ice cave is a major tourist attraction, Mountaineers of Iceland offers snowmobiling, and Dog Sledding sometimes has summertime dog-sledding tours.

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Nearby Borgarbyggð attractions

1. Surtshellir

14.44 MILES

Just a bit to the southeast of Fljótstunga on Rte 518, a bright yellow sign marks the turn-off to Arnarvatnsheiði along Rte F578 (rental cars not allowed)…

2. Viðgelmir – the Cave

14.96 MILES

The easiest lava tube to visit, and the largest in Iceland, 1100-year-old, 1.5km-long Viðgelmir is located on private property near the farmstead…

3. Into the Glacier

15.37 MILES

This enormous (300m-long) human-made tunnel and series of caves head into Langjökull glacier at 1260m above sea level. The glistening, LED-lit tunnel and…

4. Hraunfossar

18.58 MILES

The name of this spectacular waterfall translates to 'Lava Field Waterfall' because the crystalline water streams out from below the lava field all around…

5. Strokkur

22.87 MILES

Follow the path to where a circle of people is usually waiting in anticipation. They are here to see this magnificent geyser spurt water up to 40m in the…

6. Geysir

22.87 MILES

One of Iceland’s most famous tourist attractions, Geysir (gay-zeer; literally ‘gusher’) is the original hot-water spout after which all other geysers are…

7. Gullfoss

22.95 MILES

Iceland’s most famous waterfall, Gullfoss is a spectacular double cascade dropping a dramatic 32m. As it descends, it kicks up magnificent walls of spray…

8. Icelandic Goat Centre

26.69 MILES

Farm workers walk you through pretty fields with endangered Icelandic goats. The farm's most famous resident is Casanova, a bright-eyed goat who had a…