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Danube Bend & Western Transdanubia

The Danube Bend is a region of peaks and picturesque river towns to the north of Budapest. The name is quite literal: this is where hills on both banks force the river to turn sharply and flow southward. It is the most beautiful stretch of the Danube along its entire course, and several historical towns vie for visitors’ attention. Szentendre has its roots in Serbian culture and became an important centre for art early in the 20th century. Round the bend is tiny Visegrád, Hungary’s 'Camelot' in the 15th century and home to Renaissance-era palace ruins and an enchanting hilltop fortress. Esztergom, once the pope’s ‘eyes and ears’ in Hungary, is now a sleepy town with the nation’s biggest cathedral. The Danube meanders towards Western Transdanubia where you find Sopron, a historic city that's been around since the Roman Empire. South of Sopron are the scenic, remote forests and villages of Őrség National Park.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Danube Bend & Western Transdanubia.