St Michael's Church


At the top of the Lővér Hills is St Michael's Church, built between the 13th and 15th centuries and featuring impressive gargoyles. Not much escaped the Stornos' handiwork when they 'renovated' St Michael's – they even added the spire. Check out the lovely polychrome Stations of the Cross (1892) in the churchyard and the large number of tombstones with German family names.

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Nearby Sopron attractions

1. Chapel of St James

0.01 MILES

Behind St Michael's Church is the Romanesque-Gothic Chapel of St James, the oldest structure in Sopron and originally an ossuary.

2. House of the Two Moors

0.03 MILES

Fashioned from two 17th-century peasant houses, the House of the Two Moors and its ornate gate are guarded by two large statues. Previously painted an…

3. Church of the Holy Spirit

0.06 MILES

The interior of this 15th-century church is rather dark, but if you time your visit for midday, you’ll be able catch a glimpse of some fine wall and…

4. Roman Ruins

0.16 MILES

As the plaque on the ground in Fő tér reminds you, Sopron used to be an important stop along the Amber Road, and fragments of Sopron’s Roman past – in the…

5. Storno House & Collection

0.21 MILES

Built in 1417, Storno House has an illustrious history: King Matthias stayed here in 1482–83, and Franz Liszt played a number of concerts here in the mid…

6. Firewatch Tower

0.22 MILES

A narrow spiral staircase of 116 steps leads to the summit of this 60m-high tower, from which trumpeters would warn of fire, mark the hour and watch for…

7. Fidelity Gate

0.22 MILES

Fidelity Gate, at the bottom of the Firewatch Tower, depicts 'Hungaria' receiving the kneeling civitas fidelissima (Latin for 'the most loyal citizenry')…

8. Fő tér

0.23 MILES

The oddly shaped Fő tér contains several museums, churches and monuments, including the massive Firewatch Tower, which can be climbed. In the centre of Fő…