National Bank of Hungary


Southeast of Szabadság tér are some of the most beautiful buildings in Pest, including the National Bank of Hungary. It has terracotta reliefs on all four sides that illustrate trade and commerce through history: Arab camel traders, African rug merchants, Egyptian grain farmers, Chinese tea salesmen and the inevitable solicitor witnessing contracts.

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1. Royal Postal Savings Bank

0.05 MILES

East of Szabadság tér, the former Royal Postal Savings Bank is a Secessionist extravaganza of colourful tiles and folk motifs, built by Ödön Lechner in…

2. Antifascist Monument

0.06 MILES

This memorial dedicated to the 'victims of the German occupation' appeared at the southern end of V Szabadság tér in July 2014. It remains extremely…

3. Szabadság tér

0.08 MILES

This square, one of the largest in the city, is a few minutes’ walk northeast of Széchenyi István tér. As you enter you’ll pass a delightful fountain that…

4. Soviet Army Memorial

0.11 MILES

At the northern end of V Szabadság tér is a memorial to the Soviet army, the last of its type still standing in Budapest.

5. Miklós Horthy Statue

0.14 MILES

A controversial statue of Hungary's intra-war leader, Miklós Horthy, considered a hero by the right wing but reviled as a fascist dictator by many others,…

8. Basilica of St Stephen


Budapest’s neoclassical cathedral is the most sacred Catholic church in all of Hungary and contains its most revered relic: the mummified right hand of…