Roman Civilian Amphitheatre

Óbuda & Buda Hills

The Roman Civilian Amphitheatre is about half the size of the one reserved for the military to the south. Much is left to the imagination, but you can still see the small cubicles where lions were kept and, to the west, the ‘Gate of Death’ through which slain gladiators were carried.

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1. Aquincum

0.29 MILES

The most complete Roman civilian town in Hungary was built around 100 AD and became the seat of the Roman province of Pannonia Inferior in AD 106…

2. Hercules Villa

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Hercules Villa, in the middle of a vast housing estate northwest of Fő tér, is the name given to some reconstructed Roman ruins due to the astonishing 3rd…

3. Imre Varga Collection

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4. Óbuda Museum

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Anchor tenant of the Zichy Mansion, where you’ll also find the Vasarely Museum, but with its own entrance on Fő tér, this wonderfully revamped museum…

5. Vasarely Museum

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Installed in the imposing Zichy Mansion (Zichy kastély), built in 1757, this renovated and rehung gallery contains some 150 works of Victor Vasarely (or…

6. Hungarian Museum of Trade & Tourism

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7. Óbuda Synagogue


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8. Goldberger Textile Museum

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