Vantage Point


This vantage point lookout to the northwest of the Citadella along Citadella sétány offers one of the best panoramic views of Budapest, the Danube and its bridges.

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Nearby Budapest attractions

1. St Gellért Monument

0.17 MILES

Gazing down on Elizabeth Bridge from Gellért Hill is a large and quite theatrical monument to St Gellért, an Italian missionary invited to Hungary by King…

2. Citadella

0.18 MILES

The Citadella is a fortress that never saw battle. Built by the Habsburgs after the 1848–49 War of Independence to defend the city from further…

3. Queen Elizabeth Statue

0.25 MILES

Northwest of Elizabeth Bridge is a statue of the Habsburg empress and Hungarian queen, Elizabeth. Consort to Franz Joseph, 'Sissi' was much loved by the…

4. Liberty Monument

0.27 MILES

The Liberty Monument, the lovely lady with the palm frond in her outstretched arms, proclaiming freedom throughout the city, is southeast of the Citadella…

5. Elizabeth Bridge

0.32 MILES

Elizabeth Bridge enjoys a special place in the hearts of many Budapesters, as this gleaming white suspension bridge (1964) was the first newly designed…

6. Former Swedish Embassy

0.33 MILES

The former Swedish Embassy on Gellért Hill bears a plaque attesting to the heroism of Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat and businessman who, along with…

7. Semmelweis Museum of Medical History

0.38 MILES

This quirky (and sometimes grisly) museum traces the history of medicine from Graeco-Roman times through medical tools and photographs; inevitably in…

8. Buda Creative House

0.41 MILES

This new gallery with rotating exhibitions of modern and contemporary art is housed in the stunning Castle Garden Kiosk (Várkert Kioszk), a lovely little…