Szent István Park

Park in Margaret Island & Northern Pest

Image by Jennifer Walker Lonely Planet

St Stephen's Park is home to a Raoul Wallenberg memorial portraying a warrior doing battle with a snake (evil). Erected in 1999 and titled Kígyóölő (Serpent Slayer), it's a copy of one created by sculptor Pál Pátzay that was removed by the communist regime in 1949. Of all the 'righteous gentiles' honoured by Jews around the world, the Swedish diplomat and businessman Wallenberg – who rescued as many as 60,000 Hungarian Jews during WWII – is the most revered.

Enter the park from the southern end, one block up from XIII Radnóti Miklós utca. Facing the river south of the entrance is a row of Bauhaus apartments, which were the delight of modernists when they were built in the late 1920s.