Lehel Church


On Lehel tér you’ll see the twin spires of this 1933 copy of a celebrated 13th-century Romanesque church now in ruins at Zsámbék, 33km west of Budapest.

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1. Lehel Market

0.11 MILES

This is a great traditional market housed in a hideous boatlike postmodern structure designed by László Rajk, son of the communist minister of the…

2. Pinball Museum

0.33 MILES

This quirky museum housed in a basement is one of Budapest's hidden attractions. It’s home to 140 vintage pinball museums – yes, you can play all but the…

3. Lindenbaum House

0.42 MILES

The first Hungarian architect to look to art nouveau for inspiration was Frigyes Spiegel, who designed this block at the northern end of VI Izabella utca…

4. Nyugati Train Station

0.47 MILES

The large iron-and-glass structure on Nyugati tér is the 'Western' train station, built in 1877 by the Paris-based Eiffel Company. In the early 1970s a…

5. Szent István Park

0.49 MILES

St Stephen's Park is home to a Raoul Wallenberg memorial portraying a warrior doing battle with a snake (evil). Erected in 1999 and titled Kígyóölő …

6. Sonnenberg House

0.54 MILES

Built as a block of flats by master architect Kálmán Albert Körössy in 1904, this lovely Secessionist building now serves as a school.

7. Léderer House

0.61 MILES

This lovely residence with phenomenal stained glass and grillwork was designed by Zoltán Bálint and Lajos Jámbor in 1902.

8. Ferenc Hopp Museum of East Asian Art


This museum of East Asian art is housed in the former villa of its benefactor and namesake; the pagoda in front gives the game away. Founded in 1919, the…