Grooms Beach

Grenada Island

A lovely secluded bay with a swath of soft powdery sand and warm blue waters that are good for snorkeling.

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1. Quarantine Point Park

0.56 MILES

A lovely grassy area at the end of the peninsula dividing Grand Anse and Morne Rouge Bay, Quarantine Point affords fine views over the water to the…

2. Magazine Beach

0.58 MILES

The final port of call for travelers getting a last-minute dose of sea and sand before hopping on a plane, Magazine Beach has been nicknamed by locals …

3. Camerhogne Park

1.37 MILES

A well-maintained green space running from the Spiceland Mall down to the white sands of Grand Anse. If you're visiting for the day, it's a good place to…

4. Grand Anse


Grenada's main resort area is a lovely long sweep of white sand fronted by turquoise water and backed by hills. It has the highest concentration of big…

5. Fort George

2.86 MILES

Grenada’s oldest fort was established by the French in 1705 and it's the centerpiece of the St George’s skyline. You can climb to the top to see the…

6. Sendall Tunnel

2.92 MILES

Monckton St leads to the historic Sendall Tunnel, a narrow 340-ft passageway built in 1894 that burrows through the hill to reach Bruce St and the rest of…

7. National Library

2.93 MILES

The poor old national library was once a lovely building but shoddy renovations and now neglect have left it in a dire state. If you look past the broken…

8. St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

2.94 MILES

Immediately north of Fort George, St Andrew’s fared worst of all the town’s churches in Hurricane Ivan. There isn’t much left except the front wall and…