Big Banana Beach


Just west of Koukounaries across a narrow headland, Big Banana has long been loved for its curving shape, fragrant pines and soft cream-hued sand, but at research time access was restricted due to the construction of a new resort and the whole place was heading upmarket.

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Nearby Skiathos attractions

1. Little Banana Beach

0.14 MILES

Famous for its naturist and LGBT vibe, Little Banana (just north of Big Banana Beach) is blessed with white-gold sands and swaths of pines, but building…

2. Agia Eleni Beach

0.41 MILES

Around 800m north of naturist Little Banana Beach, the slender gold-sand west-coast arc of Agia Eleni Beach is a favourite with windsurfers and has a…

3. Koukounaries Beach

0.49 MILES

Framed by electric-green pine trees, two forested headlands and a small salt-water wetland, Koukounaries' silky 1200m-long sweep of bleach-blonde sand is…

4. Krifi Ammos Beach

0.81 MILES

A beautiful, sheltered turquoise bay, with buttery-white sand and a snack bar, down a steep path off a (drivable) dirt track on Skiathos' northwestern tip…

5. Mandraki Beach

1.35 MILES

Distant enough to largely escape the summer masses, blonde soft-sand Mandraki, on the northwest coast, lies a 1.5km walk north along a shady path from…

6. Megalos Aselinos Beach

2.43 MILES

This long and lovely (though somewhat exposed) stretch of honey-gold sand curled into the northwest coast is a popular stopping spot for day cruises, but…

7. Moni Panagias Kounistras

2.43 MILES

From Troulos, a paved road winds 4km north and inland to the serene, uninhabited 17th-century Moni Panagias Kounistras, well worth seeking out for its…

8. Mikros Aselinos Beach

2.93 MILES

With just a handful of sun loungers and a shack-like taverna, tiny and sandy-gold rock-enclosed Mikros Aselinos rests on the northwest coast 2km north of…