Moni Evangelistrias

Top choice in Skiathos

Centred on a triple-domed church, this historic 18th-century monastery was a hilltop refuge for freedom fighters during the War of Independence, and the Greek flag was first raised here in 1807. Today, several monks do the chores, which include wine-, marmalade- and olive-oil-making. The gift shop's vintage olive and wine presses recall an earlier era, while the museum displays antique furniture and documents from the Balkan Wars; a cafe sits beside the vineyard. It's 5km north of Skiathos Town.

Summer minibuses (€2) run to the monastery from Skiathos Town roughly hourly from 9am to 1pm; check at the town bus stop.

The signposted 12km, four-hour Route 18 hike leads from Moni Evangelistrias to Cape Kastro before circling back through Agios Apostolis.