Milia Beach


About 13km west of Skopelos Town, Milia is dominated by two swaths of silvery sand and pebbles, separated by a headland, and has a few apartments and a couple of tavernas.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Skopelos attractions

1. Kastani Beach

0.29 MILES

It's easy to see the temptations of Skopelos' famous 'Mamma Mia! beach': a pine-adorned, silver-sand-and-pebble stretch at the end of a steep track 13km…

2. Panormos Beach

0.69 MILES

Calm glass-clear water and pine-covered hills frame this gorgeous grey-pebble bay and low-key resort, 11km northwest of Agnontas and 11km west of Skopelos…

3. Limnonari Beach


Pleasingly sheltered and sandy white Limnonari, 8km southwest of Skopelos Town and 1.5km northwest of Agnontas, is graced by a couple of summer tavernas,…

4. Roman Baths

3.72 MILES

Loutraki means ‘small bath’ and you can see the remains of its 3rd- to 4th-century seaside Roman baths about 500m southeast of the port's archaeological…

5. Agnontas Beach

3.88 MILES

Pines tumble down to almost kiss the turquoise water at the lovely little southwest-coast fishing port of Agnontas, 4km west of Stafylos, which has a tiny…

6. Agios Ioannis

3.97 MILES

The small, impossibly scenic cragtop chapel of Agios Ioannis, surrounded by the shimmering Aegean 5.5km east of Glossa, is famous for having played the…

7. Folklore Museum

3.99 MILES

Occupying a restored 18th-century mansion, this handsome museum features a Skopelean wedding room, complete with traditional costumes and bridal bed, as…

8. Vakratsa Mansion


Housed in a doctor's 18th-century mansion, Vakratsa displays medical instruments, books, clothes and furniture of the era and is well worth seeing for the…