Konitsa Bridge


Completed in 1871, the bridge on the Aoös River below Konitsa is an icon of the town and, at 40m across and 20m high, it's thought to be the largest single-arch stone bridge in the Balkans. It's the work of builder Ziogas Frontzos, from the village of Pyrsogianni, one of the Mastorohoria (Masters' Villages) northwest of Konitsa, famous for stonemasons and other craftsmen.

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1. Temple of St Barbara

0.72 MILES

This little chapel is really an excuse for a pleasant short walk, about 30 minutes along a level path. Konitsa's local religious hero, St Paisios of Athos…

2. Agios Vlasios

4.92 MILES

The most striking of Papingo's churches is Agios Vlasios (1852) with its separate 15m-high hexagonal bell tower (1887).

3. Vikos Gorge


The Voïdomatis ('Good Water' in its Slavic roots) River, a tributary of the Aoös, carved the 12km-long, 900m-deep Vikos Gorge over millions of years. Per…

4. Moni Panagia Spiliotissa

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This now-unused monastery was erected against a massive rock in 1665. The building is usually closed (unless it's the Friday after Easter), but there is a…

5. Oxya Viewpoint

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North of Monodendri, a narrow road leads to this cliffside lookout into the depths of the Vikos Gorge. En route, you pass through the Petrino Dasos (Stone…

6. Beloï Viewpoint


All the views of Vikos Gorge are stunning, but this one might be the best. It's reached from outside the village of Vradeto. You must park and walk about…

7. Moni Agia Paraskevi

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From near the lower plateia in Monodendri, by Hotel Arktouros, a stone path leads about 1km to this small, now-disused monastery perched on the edge of…

8. Northern Pindos National Park

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North of Ioannina, this large protected area includes the Vikos-Aoös region around the plunging Vikos Gorge, and the Valia Kalda forest north of Metsovo…