Nikos Doxastakis Workshop

Watch giant clay pots being churned out at the traditional Nikos Doxastakis workshop. From the centre of Thrapsano, head up to the village’s municipal offices; the workshop is beyond.

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1. Timios Stavros Church

0.35 MILES

In the middle of Thrapsano, the twin-aisled 15th-century Timios Stavros church houses well-preserved frescoes. You might have to ask around for the key.

2. Koutrakis Art

1.26 MILES

This wonderful spot is highly recommended for getting a hands-on education in traditional Minoan pottery. English is a struggle, but Giorgos and Kristina…

3. Nikos Kazantzakis Museum

4.91 MILES

In a modern building overlooking the kafeneia-flanked central plaza of author Nikos Kazantzakis' ancestral village, this well-curated museum zeroes in on…

4. Vathypetro

7.18 MILES

About 5km south of Arhanes, and well signposted, Vathypetro was built around 1600 BC, probably as the villa of a prosperous Minoan noble. Archaeologists…

5. Archaeological Museum of Arhanes

7.33 MILES

This small museum displays many important finds from regional excavations, especially from Minoan times. Among the highlights are clay larnakes (coffins)…

6. Fourni

7.69 MILES

On a hill west of town and reached via a steep footpath, Fourni is the most extensive Minoan necropolis in Crete. Burials took place here over a period of…

7. Skotino Cave

8.12 MILES

Also known as Agia Paraskevi Cave, after the chapel built above it, Skotino is one of the largest caves in Crete and deliciously spooky to boot. A gaping…

8. Mt Yiouhtas Peak Sanctuary

8.28 MILES

Driving south from Arhanes, look for the turn-off for Giourtas. The narrow (but drivable) road leads to the top of Mt Yiouhtas. After a bone-rattling 5km,…