Agios Georgios Kastro


This 16th-century Venetian castle enjoys stellar views from atop a conspicuous pyramid-shaped hill 7km southeast of Argostoli. Kefallonia's capital for 200 years, it's now in ruins, and approached via a short pedestrian street from the adjoining village. Strolling around the unshaded, wildflower-strewn site takes around 20 minutes; relax afterwards over a coffee or snack in the gardens of the neighbouring Kastro Cafe or a full meal at nearby Il Borgo.

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1. Moni Agiou Gerasimou

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Dedicated to Kefallonia’s patron saint, Moni Agiou Gerasimou is maintained by nuns. The large complex contains pretty gardens, a big, modern church and a…

2. Cephalonia Botanica

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3. Platys Gialos

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This little ‘pocket’ beach, just beyond Makrys Gialos, has plenty of shade and very clear water, as well as a few places to eat.

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5. Archaeological Museum

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8. Lourdas Beach

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Attractive, expansive and busy white-pebble beach (sadly often largely covered in sunloungers!), set against a mountainous green backdrop. Just 16km…