Petani Beach

Top choice in Kefallonia

The highlight of the Paliki Peninsula is breathtaking Petani Beach, a spectacular strand of white sand and pebble that’s enough to entice a jaded mermaid. In fact, it's so blissful that it's fair to call it one of the best beaches in all of Greece. Although it gets busy in summer, development remains happily minimal. Walk to the far-northern end for a little peace in high season.

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1. Xi Beach

7.23 MILES

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2. Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation


One of the few historic buildings in Argostoli to survive successive earthquakes now holds displays on Kefallonia’s cultural and political history,…

3. Archaeological Museum

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Kefallonia's archaeological museum, which holds treasures from all over the island, including Mycenaean finds, sustained serious damage in a 2014…

4. Korgialenio History & Folklore Museum

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5. Makrys Gialos

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7. Platys Gialos

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This little ‘pocket’ beach, just beyond Makrys Gialos, has plenty of shade and very clear water, as well as a few places to eat.

8. Myrtos Beach

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