Small Cyclades

Appealing white-sand beach, reachable by a 30-minute walk from Mersini.

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Nearby Small Cyclades attractions

1. Kedros Beach

1.11 MILES

Gorgeous sweep of white sand, an easy walk from Hora, and popular with naturists. There's a decent taverna here as well.

2. Tholaria

14.97 MILES

A 3km ride along the looping road or a 30-minute hike from Aegiali, the mountain village of Tholaria sits near the ruins of ancient Aegiali, with…

3. Pori Beach

14.98 MILES

The island's best beach – a long sandy crescent to the northeast and a bay popular with yachts.

5. Fanos Beach

15.66 MILES

Narrow strip of white sand to the east, with a beach bar and some discreet naturism at one end.

6. Finikas Beach

15.86 MILES

Long, narrow sandy beach to the east with calm waters and a taverna.

7. Langada

16.06 MILES

Some 3km east of Aegiali, the small village of Langada is a picturesque maze of narrow whitewashed streets. There are several excellent tavernas here,…

8. Apollonas Kouros

16.29 MILES

Signposted on the western approach to Apollonas, this is a 12m marble figure dating back to the 6th or 7th century BC, reachable via a short walk.