Archaeological Museum


This musuem, on the main road that passes by Hora, is a must for those interested in antiquity. It displays a wealth of finds from the early Bronze Age settlement of nearby Skarkos, from ceramics and marble figurines to obsidian wares, bone tools and funereal stelae, providing an illuminating glimpse into the early Cycladic civilisation and its social structure.

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Nearby Ios attractions

1. Panagia Gremiotissa

0.14 MILES

Head up the alleyway behind Sally's Rooftop Garden and then proceed upwards by trial and error, along cracked steps and through ancient archways, and…

2. Skarkos

0.71 MILES

Crowning a low hill just north of Hora, this Early Bronze Age settlement is one of the Aegean's most significant prehistoric sites. There are restored…

3. Mylopotas Beach

1.01 MILES

Long, golden sand beach to the west, very popular for water sports.

5. Homer's Tomb

4.57 MILES

A remote and beautiful 13km drive northeast of Hora lies what is locally believed to be the final resting place of Homer, Greece's greatest poet, who…

6. Psathi Beach

4.78 MILES

Sandy beach to the east that's particularly popular with windsurfers.

7. Maltas Beach


Beautiful, sheltered sandy cove at the north of the island, reachable either by boat or via a two-hour hike from Hora.

8. Manganari Beach

6.58 MILES

Sandy beach furthest from Hora by road, with a taverna and sun loungers.