Grotto of Heracles


This rock shelter was used as a temple to the legendary hero Heracles. Prior to that, it's thought to be the earliest location where Apollo was worshipped on Delos.

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Nearby Delos attractions

1. Temple of Hera

0.06 MILES

This 5th-century BC temple has a well-preserved marble altar and two columns still standing.

3. House of the Dolphins

0.09 MILES

One of Delos' grandest houses, the highlight here is a well-preserved mosaic with youths riding dolphins in each corner.

4. House of the Masks

0.11 MILES

This grand villa takes its name from floor mosaics featuring actors' masks, although the centrepiece is a spectacular mosaic of Dionysos riding a leopard,…

5. Mt Kynthos

0.12 MILES

Mt Kynthos (113m), southeast of the harbour, is a steep but rewarding climb. There are monuments such as the Temple of Hera and the Sanctuaries of Zeus…

6. Sanctuary of the Syrian Gods

0.13 MILES

Built in around 150 BC, this sanctuary was dedicated to the Syrian gods Atargatis and Hadad, who were popular in the Greek world.

7. Samothrakeion

0.13 MILES

The Kabeiroi, a mysterious group of Samothracian deities, were worshipped here.

8. Theatre

0.18 MILES

Built between 296 and 240 BC, this partially restored marble theatre could once seat 6500 spectators in its 40 rows. The large cistern in front of it…