Wreck of Olympia


Aficionados of Luc Besson's The Big Blue stop here en route to Kalotaritisas Bay to pay homage to the wreck of the Olympia that rests in the shallow waters of Liveros Bay.

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Nearby Amorgos attractions

1. Kalotaritisas Bay


On the western tip of the island, this is Amorgos' loveliest beach. Yachts and fishing boats bob on the cerulean waters of the protected bay. In July and…

2. Archaeology Collection

8.41 MILES

Hora's archaeology museum has some interesting pieces excavated on the island, including remnants of the Minoan civilisation that existed on Amorgos more…

3. Windmills

8.49 MILES

On the hill above Hora, the nine Cycladic windmills in various states of repair are a magnificent sight. From the car park at the north end of the village…

4. Agia Anna Beach

8.64 MILES

Agia Anna Beach is tiny and rocky, but with calm waters for swimming and rocks to leap off. It's popular for its starring role in the French film The Big…

5. Moni Hozoviotissis

8.99 MILES

This iconic 11th-century monastery is a dazzling white structure seemingly embedded into the cliff face high above the sea on the precipitous east coast…

6. Asfodilitis

11.95 MILES

Reachable via a paved, steep and narrow road from the main Hora–Aegiali road, the handful of slate houses in this hamlet seems deserted at first glance…

8. Finikas Beach

12.79 MILES

Long, narrow sandy beach to the east with calm waters and a taverna.