Central Greece

Central Greece holds three utterly unmissable destinations. To the ancient Greeks, Delphi, the most visited, was the centre or 'navel' of the earth. It remains as magical as ever, with its superb archaeological site and magnificent scenery. The Meteora region, at the northwestern edge of the plain of Thessaly, is similarly breathtaking, with towering rocky outcrops topped by teetering monasteries (and rock climbers). And the beautiful Pelion Peninsula, beside the Aegean to the east, is criss-crossed with cobblestone paths that link lush mountain hamlets with beaches to rival the finest islands.

Elsewhere, central Greece holds many surprises. Alpine meadows and valleys, perfect for breezy summer hikes and winter skiing, cover the Evritania mountain range, while Thessaly holds lively cities such as Trikala and charming villages including Ambelakia. Above all, the region’s good-natured inhabitants serve up hospitality, superb experiences and great cuisine.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Central Greece.