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The central Greece (κεντρική Ελλάδα) region also holds many underrated surprises. Alpine meadows and valleys cover the Evritania mountain range, making it perfect for breezy summer hikes and winter skiing. And it doesn’t get much better than the beautiful Pelion Peninsula, home to Jason and the Argonauts, and criss-crossed with historic cobblestone paths linking lush mountain hamlets with coves and beaches that rival the best islands.

And speaking of ‘good, better, best'… The region’s good-natured people serve up hospitality, superb experiences and great cuisine. There’s no better place to navel-gaze.

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$111.88 Private & Custom Tours

Private Mykonos island Tour

Enjoy a private four hours Mykonos tour. We pick you up from your hotel or the cruise ship port with a brand new mini bus. We will visit the lighthouse of Mykonos (Armenistis), located at the north side of the island, a very nice spot for pictures enjoying a magnificent view. Our next visit will be the only traditional village of the island, Ano Mera, located 8 km away from Chora. Unique by nature, calm and relaxed, Ano Mera offers you a nice break from the hectic pace of Chora and invites you to stroll towards its open, stone-paved square. Pick one of its cafes to enjoy your Greek coffee – traditionally prepared on coal fire- and visit the white monastery of Panagia Tourliani with the wonderful marble bell-tower. All these driving through the back roads of the island, visiting a couple of the most beautiful beaches and making several stops at the best spots for the best picture.

$82.44 Outdoor Activities

Sea Kayaking Adventure in Greece

We have our meeting at 08:00 at Neoi Poroi to head ourselves up to Stomio. There we will prepare the equipment and give safety instructions. We will follow a marine course in the coastal zone in rocky inaccessible beaches. A brief stop at the natural lagoon for snorkeling and at the cave for swimming and diving. For those who would like to be more active, low and higher jumps from a rocky hidden cliff can be done. Relaxation and snacks at a nearby beach will complete our adventure. Our return to the base will finalize our activity and will depart at 15:00 to our destinations.

$44.75 Outdoor Activities

Mount Olympus Lagoons

We have our meeting from 08:30 to start our tour. If you stay to a nearby hotel picking up can be provided uppon request. From there you will board on an off road minibus towards to the church of St. Vasilios of Dion. We start with a 25min hike to the base of the canyon to continue in the stunning forest of Olympus with stop for swimming and relaxing in the natural pool of the area. After our returning from the first lagoon we take a small break and go off road to a hidden natural pool of Araplakos where only local and mountain guides know about it. Our staying to the lagoons will be completed with a traditional snaps.

$41.22 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

All Day Cruise - Parga - Sivota Islands - Blue Lagoon

Departing from the harbor of Corfu, you will enjoy a unique view of the old town, among the two Venetian fortresses, the Kanoni peninsula and the palace of Mon Repos. Heading towards south you will pass Igoumenitsa port, the capital of Thesprotia region, the small fishing village of Plataria and will sail close to Sivota where the ship will enter in the breathtaking cave of Sivota. There during the Second World War the Greek Sub Marine was hiding underneath the lighthouse, mostly known as "Papanikolis". The cruise continues approaching Parga, a large picturesque village with island character, rich and eventful history and rare physical beauty. You will be amazed by its interlaced beaches, emerald sea surrounded by calm bays and olive groves. You’ll be definitely tempted to explore the romantic side streets and pathways with two or three-storey houses forming a colorful amphitheatre, under imposing remains of a Venetian castle. The castle, one of the main attractions of Parga, was built in the 11th century by the residents to protect their town from pirates and the Turks. Part of the castle was demolished by the Ottomans in 1452. Venetians started to rebuild it but, before the works were completed, it was demolished again in 1537 by the Ottoman admiral Barbarossa who burn and destroyed the fortress and the houses within. Then for the third and the last time the castle was rebuilt stronger and impregnable until 1819. In the main building of the castle a photo exhibition on the antique Parga is hosted. Opposite the castle at the entrance of the port there is a small island dedicated to Virgin Mary where is built a church and medieval Venetian and French buildings. Every summer on 15th of August the famous Varkarola is celebrated with splendor around the port, dedicated to the Pargians who came back from Corfu to Parga. About 15 kilometers from Parga is the most important ancient monument area. This is the most important oracle of antiquity, the Oracle of Acheron. The ancient Greeks believed that the sources of Acheron were the gates of the Underworld. On the way back, we will sail around the historical Sivota, where in the summer of 432 B.C. the greatest Naval Battle between the "Corcyrians Fleet" and the "Corinthian Fleet" took place. Still, today many of the sunken vessels of that period relies remain at the bottom of the sea. Soon we will arrive at the impressive bay of "Blue Lagoon". Old historians say that there in the Middle Ages Arabian pirates ships used to moor close to this bay. The boat is anchoring close to the beach and you will have the opportunity to swim at the exotic blue waters of the Lagoon. During your trip, you can enjoy the sun and help yourself to refreshments which may be purchased from the bar. We look forward to meeting you on one of our ships.

$635.96 Food, Wine & Nightlife

The Hidden Artisans of Crete

In Grand Reserve Travel we put together tour itineraries that you will find nowhere else. One of these unique tours of ours is the Hidden Artisans of Crete. As we and the Cretans love tradition, we devote our love and passion into not letting it fade and getting lost in the chaotic modern times; thus we created the Hidden Artisans Tour that will take you right to the heart of the authentic Crete. Tastes that no one seems to cook anymore and professions, skills and crafts long forgotten are introduced to the participants of this tour in a journey back in time when things were simple yet amazingly fascinating! Enjoy a day filled with the lost Cretan customs and flavors. Visit a scenic village and explore its hidden treasure. Continue your journey to the heart of Cretan cuisine by learning how to prepare Greek-style desserts at the beautiful house of a local chef, and discover an incredible pottery workshop committed to the craft of ancient designs.

$565.29 Day Trips & Excursions

Exploring Lasithi and its Villages

This tour will take you from the heights of the rocky Lassithi plateau to the traditional villages tucked away off the beaten path. We start at the village of Krasi where we will visit the huge 2,400-years-old Writer’s Plane Tree, named so because it was beloved by Nikos Kazantzakis, one of the most famous Greek writers of the 20th century. In the same village we’ll get to see how the Cretans used to wash their clothes in the traditional manner. Next up is Panagia Kera, a 13th century Byzantine monastery where you can find among the gorgeous iconography a depiction of the Catholic St. Francis, who is famous in Crete.   Afterwards, the tour will ascend to the unique Lassithi Plateau, a rocky and austere long treasured for the beauty of its scenery. There you can visit the Diktaion Andron, an ancient cave believed to be the mythological birthplace of Zeus.   You can have lunch a traditional taverna outside Krasi, at your own expense cost.

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