Vikos-Aoös National Park

National Park in Zagorohoria

Vikos-Aoös National Park bursts with pristine rivers and forests, flowering meadows, and shimmering lakes that reflect jagged mountains and endless blue sky. Almost one-third of Greece’s flora (some endemic) lives here, along with native fish, foxes and chamois, rare hawks, otters and bears. The park’s Tymfi Massif contains numerous ear-popping peaks, including Mt Trapezitsa (2022m), Mt Astraka (2436m) and Mt Gamila (2497m). Beneath them lies 12km-long Vikos Gorge.

Whether for the adrenaline rush of hiking, biking and rafting, or to seize some binoculars and admire its fauna, the park is a huge draw for travellers wending their way through the steep Zagorohoria. While hikers comprise the majority of visitors, semi-nomadic Vlach and Sarakatsani shepherds still take their flocks up to high grazing ground in summer, returning to the valleys in autumn.