2G6CNWA The new, fully renovated National Gallery of Athens, and in the foreground a part of the Glass Runner, a famous glass statue and modern landmark.
National Sculpture & Art Gallery

Ioannis Mantas/Alamy

National Sculpture & Art Gallery


While the National Gallery is being rebuilt, a small portion of the collection is on display at the National Sculpture Gallery, in the former royal stables in Goudi. Although a bit far from the centre, the gallery is a nice break from the classics. The modern sculpture exhibit, in one of the converted buildings, begins in the early 19th century, when figurative marble carving was taken up again.

In the site's other main building are a couple of the gallery's prize El Grecos, including The Concert of Angels, plus some compelling portraiture and other canvases by 20th-century artists include Konstantinos Parthenis, Yiannis Moralis, Konstantinos Maleas, and father and son Nikolaos and Nikos Lytras.

Enter from Panayiotis Kanellopoulos.

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